Africa Safari Connexion has proved to be a very efficient and cost-effective solution to marketing my hotel and has represented CAPE DUTCH QUARTERS-TULBAGH for several years already. This representation ensures that the existence of my hotel gets out to the right members of the travel trade and tourism industry without me having to spend weeks setting up and attending these meetings personally. Africa Safari Connexion’s extensive database is worth its weight in gold which have allowed me to blanket cover these travel agents with newsletters and annual STO rate updates.
Jayson Augustyn-Clark
African Safari Connexion approached Roam at a perfect time, and after a quick reference check with an existing connexion, we jumped at the opportunity for Jan to put us on the map. With Jan’s expertise and guiding hand Roam was able to make our independent debut at WTMA2022 where he shared his recent experience of Roam to all who would listen. As a result, and coupled with his tireless efforts over bulk email, Roam was able to find a footing in an uncertain post-covid landscape. The most amazing thing about Jan and ASC is that there is no limit to his willingness and capacity to assist in everything from a new Website to a lunch recommendation for guests travelling in an area unfamiliar to me.
Abigail de Swardt
ROAM Private Game Reserve
'I got to meet the owner and director Jan Bester during the ITB in Berlin in March 2019 and I knew immediately that Africa Safari Connexion was the party that I was looking for. Jan embraced Parsons Hilltop (and me:-) as a family member and I feel that the lovely warm personality of Jan was the main reason for me to liaise with ASC. I was looking for a supportive partner in more than only marketing aspects. A partner that you can ask a question, advice, and support in all kinds of relevant matters. Jan has so much expertise in the whole market, which is such valuable knowledge to have and to share! Besides that, it feels that all partners can really synergies by also sharing knowledge and experiences and together we can get a whole lot more connections than one business could achieve on its own (referral system that ASC introduced recently is a good example hereof). Not only can ASC assist in marketing and targeting, but also in social media strategies, travel fair participation and representation. I also feel that being part of it, you never miss any opportunity to connect and to be visible to partners and future partners and social media. Due to the large and impressive network that Jan has been able to build up, we as a start-up got connected to, I believe almost every possible agent or operator existing and that I would have never been able to connect to so quickly with without ASC. I am incredibly happy to be part of ASC and I can recommend any small hospitality / tourism business in South(ern) Africa to become a member as well!'
Mirjam Busink
(Owner: Parsons Hilltop Safari Camp)
At Swartberg Biking, Africa Safari Connexion became our valued partners, we might as well call it family, it was like meeting a brother you have always had, but never knew before the day you met. They became our eyes and ears out in the big world of tourism, they walked the walk where we cannot always reach, not only spreading the message of what we do and what offer our clients, but they shared valuable information with us about what is happening out in the marketplace and provided insight about how to better our offers, how to better reach our clients and use a simple platform such as bulk e-mails. Having them plan and assist with trade shows took a huge burden off our shoulders and sharing these experiences with our fellow ASC partners enhanced the experience. The small, yet focused approach works for us and we are excited to see the way forward with the new initiatives they are exploring around social media.
Gavin Green
(Owner: Swartberg Biking)
Here are the reasons why Areena Riverside Resort, finds value and uses the services and networks created by ASC, of which we have become an intricate member and subsidiary with African Safari Connection. Jan has been an invaluable member of our marketing team, through ASC. He has been our representative at local and international shows, such as Vakatiebeurs, SAT Dutch Road show, WTM, etc, as well as domestic travel shows. We receive immediate detailed feedback from Jan, after he has attended these events. This also includes all the full contact details and report back of the people he meets. These meetings assist us with making the most of the contacts that he has made on our behalf. He has also represented us directly and indirectly at travel and marketing agents in both Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Again, sharing contact details and photographs of his many meetings. Through the ASC network we have connected with other likeminded business in the tourism industry to strengthen our position and build strong networks between ourselves. We have received extremely high service as well as good quality information from Jan. Due to our limited budget and being off the beaten track, from the main centres, Jan has helped us tremendously connect with the correct people in a way that our budget and resources could never have allowed. Jan is an asset to Areena. He has a wealth of information and knowledge and is very much a valuable member of our marketing team, always ready and willing to assist us in any way he can. Jan is passionate and extremely committed, hardworking and dedicated in everything he undertakes with South African tourism, to bring in local and international tourist to our shores! He is a tremendous blessing
Ed Rathbone
(Owner: Areena Riverside Resort)
I met Jan Bester owner of ASC in 2017 and what a journey. I was appointed Gen Manager at a 5* Guest House (1st time in hospitality) and if it was not for his assistance, leadership skills and humanity as a person I do not think I would have succeeded in my new career. His Company did not just become our partners in Marketing, but he was never too busy to meet me to assist me with any queries that I swung past him! For that I will always be thankful to him. Sharing his vast knowledge of marketing and the whole hospitality industry has never been a problem for him! I did my first World Travel Fair in Cape Town and with him on the helm it was a great success as shown in the Data base growth that has happened in the years to follow! His dedication to his Company and his partners is something that is rare in today’s day and age! His wife Barbara that is part of his team is just as dedicated and she stands firmly behind her man to go the extra mile for all their partners! ASC has grown their portfolio and it is not just marketing that they can assist with they have also broadened their horizons to social media strategies, world travel fair participation and representation of their partners. Being part of ASC is like having a whole marketing team on board as they treat all their associates with the same passion and commitment. With the large agent and operator database that they have accumulated over the years and that our establishment have access to, has given us a bigger scope of business to promote our Guest House to. The fact that they make time to go and visit these agencies and represent our Guest House has given us a whole new area of making our Guest House known to these people and even gives you the opportunity to deliver some promotional items and make your business “real” to people that you otherwise only communicate with over the phone or mails. For us it has been an honour to be part of the ASC “family” since 2017 and I can highly recommend any establishment in the Hospitality or Tourism industry to become a member of this forever growing business. You will only reap benefits by being part of ASC.
Ann Moolman
(GM: Cinnamon Boutique Guesthouse)
I met Jan, from Africa Safari Connexion, in June 2015. I was very new at marketing the property and thought that I ‘would take a chance on him’. And I must say – it really paid off. Before joining Afrika Safari Connexion, I have worked with quite a few people (marketers), but most are just empty promises and great smiles, and no real results could be seen. However, since joining Afrika Safari Connexion, I slowly, but surely saw an increase in numbers. Quite often I would notice a new Tour Operator or Travel Agent booking with us and I know it was not my doing. I can greatly and honestly recommend Jan and his services: - He has vast knowledge regarding Tourism and all its facets; he regularly, almost daily, gives updates on what, where, who and why he has been doing; he is well connected with the right kind of people in Tourism and Hospitality; he willingly gives advice and assistance, and I can assure you, it is not just grandstanding; he has an almost contagious enthusiasm for Tourism and Afrika Safari Connexion which can be seen in the results and feedback we get from Tour Operators and Agents alike; and last, but not least, he always leaves the choice to the property to decide what they want to participate in, so there is no pressure to do something you so not want to or cannot afford. He has been, and hopefully will be for a very long time, a most valuable member of my very small Marketing Team.
Marti Venter
(GM: Knysna Log-Inn)
I am delighted to recommend to you the high-quality services of Africa Safari Connexion (ASC). As a connexion partner, we have truly grown as an establishment under the guide and consultation of Jan Bester over the last few years. Jan & Barbara’s services in the tourism industry are second to none and filled with first-hand knowledge which can only be acquired through many years of experience. The expertise that Africa Safari Connexion has to offer is a unique concept which has only grown from strength to strength. Tirelessly, they implement market strategies and visit tour operators worldwide which we benefit from on a regular basis. The business leads and contacts that we have built up with ASC are all high character. The fact that Jan is always personally involved in the face-to-face meetings with these companies/operators ensures that our money is well spent, and we are well received when following up. Such superior information gathered, would take years of hard and dedicated work without ASC to whom we are incredibly grateful. The above mentioned, is only a small preview of all the shared benefits we receive on a yearly basis. I am confident about the services of Africa Safari Connexion, and I can surely recommend becoming a connexion partner. Please feel free to contact me, for any questions you may have regarding my endorsement of ASC.
Jacques Delport
(GM: LA Kruger Lodge)
I was appointed as the manager of Whale Coast Ocean Villa, a 4 star guesthouse in Hermanus in June 2022. It was a daunting task as I had never been in the hospitality industry before and felt a bit like a fish out of water. Jan had been appointed as marketing specialist in April of 2022 and was an absolute treasure trove of information. He guided me through all the ups and downs, I never felt alone or without support. He made the transition so easy and as I have been working with him I realise each week how much he puts in behind the scenes. He has taken Whale Coast Ocean Villa from a quiet, empty space to a vibrant in demand guesthouse, full of visitors from all corners of the globe. The business contacts he has made on our behalf have been overwhelmingly beneficial to us. Jan and Barbara are a force to be reckoned with and are an invaluable part of our team.
Aurelia de Villiers
(Manager: Whale Coast Ocean Villa)